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Corporate Catering

"Leave the sandwiches and spice up your boardroom"

Personal and Social Catering

"Focus on making memories whilst we look after your taste-buds"

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Spice & Catering

Your Event & Our Promise

From corporate catering to a social affair, Spice & Co. strives to provide you with all the exotic and aromatic tastes that will exceed your expectations. Using local suppliers in the Greater Toronto Area, we prepare all of our dishes with fresh ingredients, utilizing traditional cooking techniques to provide our clients with an authentic, home-made experience. 

Corporate Catering

We are able to fully customize our menu, pulling inspiration from your brand and the occasion that you are hosting. Our chefs are attuned to providing mouth watering dishes and we will tailor our menu to all of your guests depending on where you fit on the spice spectrum. 

Personal/Social Events

Sharing a memorable occasion with family, friends and co-workers should be just about that. We pride ourselves in being able to enable you to concentrate on those special moments whilst being able to provide you and your guests with food that will be remembered. Take a look at our menu here to begin your journey of bringing the aroma of exotic culinary cuisine to your venue.